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Best Budget and High School Setups in Lahore

High School Quote: Private school education is very expensive. Quality is compromised. That’s the benchmark. There’s no focus on quality imparting of education.

Primary and High School networks in Pakistan have ballooned over the years. Education is the most isolated segment of Pakistan. Don’t expect brighter minds and scholars to step out and impress the academia.

No one can deny the importance of selecting competent and best budget high school systems for their children. Parents try their level best to find those schools that can impart international standard of education,  comfortable environment, moral and ethical values that can lie within their budget too.

One can find a list of best high school systems in Lahore very easily , as Lahore is famous for its educational institutes . If you are worried and are unable to find best budget high school system in Lahore along with international standards of education , then do read this article once .

Note : Schools listed down are not in any particular order.

1: Lahore Grammar School  



One of the best private high school systems in Lahore, providing its service in pre-school ,primary and secondary school education since year 1979 . LGS is also affiliated with Cambridge Board of international Examinations.

This school has more than 9 branches in Lahore , Gujranwala , Faisalabad , Islamabad , Karachi , Multan , Sialkot and Gujrat. Lahore Grammar School is continuously  facilitating its students with best environment , as well as international standard of education  till A’ levels and O’Levels.

Schools Speak: but lately, the school faced a major scandal of sexual harassment at its Girl’s-only campus in Lahore, by male teachers. The male teachers were alleged to have been subjecting female students to harassment which was considered to be a norm in the elite-class. The teachers were but terminated from their roles. More on Lahore Grammar School Sexual Harassment

Students, graduates of Lahore Grammar pride in calling themselves ‘Grammarians’. Lahore Grammar School as an elite modern school. Education again is not the priority. It’s the lifestyle, interiors, dressing of the teachers that make it look like an advanced, ultra-modern school.

Phone: 042-35712566


  • World’s 1 out of 10 school-aged children are from Pakistan
  • Literacy rates are 69%, while 45% of females can read and write – most of them are considered literate who can write their names and can sign. In logical sense – only 12% to 18% Pakistanis are literate.
  • 60% of country’s population over 10 years of age can read and write

2: Pak Angels Foundation School



For 35 years, Pak Angles school is imparting quality education, ethical values and confidence to its students . Their other plus points are affordable charges and comfortable environment. Currently the school has 9 branches in total , out of which 7 branches are in Lahore ( Gulshan Ravi , Johar Town , Sabzazar , Nagina Colony) .

Phone Number: 0300 8663543

Website :

Suited for the lower-middle class and middle-class, one can expect a little compromise on the facilities but the education is better.

3: The Punjab School

high_school_Lahore_budget_the_punjab_school_UCP_doce_bakeriesThe Punjab School has established a country wide school network ,especially in areas that lack educational facilities . Since 1990 ,they are focusing on providing students international standards of education along with  character building , intellect and physical health .  Overall this school is a complete package for your child .

Phone Number 042-35123451-5


School Speak: one of the largest primary and high school networks operated under the umbrella of Punjab group, run and owned by former governor the Punjab, Mian Amir Mehmood. He was an ally of President Musharraf. He started the education wing in the early 2000s and in late 90’s. Today the network is all the Punjab province.

Not only that, the schools network consolidated its cash flow and established its own University – the University of Central Punjab, a branch of which is in Islamabad, under the name of Capital University of Science and Technology. The university is considered to be from the 2nd and the 3rd tier Universities in Pakistan.

The Punjab group diversified and now they are into confectionery and bakeries – Doce Bakers is run and owned by Punjab Group.

4: Allied School



In ten years, Allied Schools has secured its position as one of the Pakistan’s best secondary and high school setups. The international standard of education system and  caring environment with reasonable fee structure, makes this school a good choice for your child . They have 1075+ campuses all over Pakistan.

But, the franchisee model is often seen to have compromised operations – the level of education, mental growth and ethical upbringing is missing from most of the Allied Schools. Caution must be exercised before enrolling your children in this network.

Phone Number: 042 35756357-58

Website :

School Speak: probably the second largest schools network. Now you must’ve known, schools’ business is one of the most profitable ones. Running under the aegis of the Punjab Group, which is considered an elite, the Allied School network was made for the budget class.

5: Message Grammar School



Message Grammar School is imparting modern education along with world class environment since 2006. The school is offering pre-school, middle school and high school education, with segregated areas for boys and girls .

Phone Number: 042 35961942-3


The school is considered to be imparting education on Islamic lines and values. Although, the fees is still higher for most the middle-class population. It is best suited for the upper middle-class category. Fee is Rs.12,000 for the primary sections. Secondary and Higher Secondary school categories must be charging more.

6: The Crescent School

high_school_budget_lahore_the_crescent_schoolGraduates from the school like to be called and titled as The Crescentarians. They wear the title with pride and that forms a lifelong association with the school. The Crescent School was established in 1968 under the Crescent educational trust. Their aim is to provide modern education that can enable student to face competitive environment, at a reasonable cost. They are running Montessori School, Junior School, Middle School, Senior School, Cambridge and College .

Phone Number:  (042) 3742 1361 – 64


One of the oldest. It can be said to be the second to The Government College which is now a University, The Government College & University, the students of which proudly call themselves The Ravians.

7: Adabistan-E-Soophia School



AEST focuses on imparting modern education along with building strong religious and ethical values in younger generation. Budget friendly fee structure and strong ethical environment makes this school a good choice for parents and students. The are successfully running separate schools and colleges for boys and girls .

Phone Number: 042-35243004-6


The above list mentions only private schools in Lahore, the reason of which is, public schools in Pakistan have been deliberately subjected to degradation, dilapidated facilities and state-level ignorance of the education department. In result of this, public schools have lost the zeal, the depth, the ingenuity, forcing parents to look towards the private sector.

The private schools’ mafia has colluded with the insiders of education department to continuously degrade the public sector, so the major shift and focus remains the private schools.

But there are glaring differences between public and private schools – which cannot be achieved even by the most sensitive and conscious of private schools. Public schools if once resumed and if are taken over by someone emotionally sensitive towards education, this sector will herald the demise of the private sector within months.

What is the Difference Between a Public and a Private School?

  • Public, whether primary or a high school is government funded – which runs on no-profit, no-loss basis
  • Public schools spend nearly all of the budget on curriculum, school upgrade, maintenance, extra-curricular activities, teacher’s training and accommodation, scholarships, research.
  • Public schools follow the government’s syllabus compiled by the higher education committees and bodies which are formed on federal level
  • The fee in the government schools is quite nominal. Children from the poorer societies find it easier to get educated. Public schools are beneficial to improve the overall literacy rates.
  • Private schools charge exorbitant fees. Although these schools more or less, follow the same curricula but since education is primary business to profit from
  • Private schools rely heavily on branding to make their children and students look privileged and unique. The elite, upper crest society finds branded private schools matching their lifestyle expectations. Schools like Lahore Grammar School, American Lyceum, Beacon House, The City School, Alma Mater – are upper class, elitist schools.
  • Private schools are namesake sophisticated so these schools could charge higher than normal fees
  • Private schools are mostly profit-oriented; hence spending on research, scholarships is intuitional and sometimes sparse. The main focus is lifestyle and decorum of these schools to impress parents, visitors.
  • Public schools are purpose built with facilities like large playgrounds, football grounds, gymnasiums, badminton courts, auditoriums, theatres, biology & physics labs, libraries.
  • Private schools are seldom purpose-built. If these are, those are very expensive. Purpose-built private schools have all facilities but each facility is charged separately.
  • Private schools have libraries which protect books like national treasure. While public schools spend funds on rare and expensive but useful books which are not easy to procure. Memberships in public school libraries are easy and cheaper.
  • Public schools conduct social events to bring the society members together. Galas, symposiums, dialogues, funfairs, exhibitions are promoted and encouraged by public schools. While private schools don’t have the real estate to sponsor and conduct such mega-sized events.
  • Private schools also have the franchise model. While public schools are opened in a specific location after assessing the general population’s requirements.
  • Private schools vary in sizes; some are established in residential areas which becomes a major cause of traffic jams and noise pollution.
  • Public schools are never built in residential structures and are usually kept away from town’s vicinity to establish an entity which will stay relevant and scale on its own as the growth and demand grows.
  • Every town council, major city has various public schools, colleges and universities. This is solely decided by the education department. Private, but can be opened anywhere anytime.

These differences in private and public schools make public most ideal but not the favorite yet. Public schools were deliberately neglected post-71 war. The private network then ballooned. Public schools were for general public welfare. Whereas private schools have segmented the society’s fabric and are following a clandestine agenda.

The social divide based on wealth is majorly contributed by private schools. Budget schools enroll middle-class, lower middle-class students. While upper class go for the big names in the education. The higher middle-level also looks to such schools to look included and to look elite.

This divide has led to social crevices which are evident in the Pakistan society today. Major corporations too contribute by employing a student, though they could be mediocre intelligent, from these so-called branded and expensive schools.

This negative phenomena has created a certain dominating lobby in the market. Graduates from LUMS, IBA reach a certain position of authority in a company. They then fill up key positions from their alumni. This has created a void for less-privileged graduates.

By 2050, Pakistan will be the 4th largest country after China, India, and the US – a human capital resource pool which, if utilized, can transform economies, regions and strategic alignment.

What is a high school degree called

  • High School Diploma is a school leaving qualification in the American Education system. The high school degree is High School Diploma
  • 3 to 4 years of study (9th grade to 12th) is required, in accordance with local and provincial government requirements, to be awarded with a high school degree/diploma
  • There are various different names/nomenclature for the high school degree –
    • In British Columbia – the High School Degree is called British Columbia Certificate of Graduation. British Columbia has 2 graduation programs: Dogwood Diploma (the BC certificate of Graduation) and the Adult Dogwood (the BC Adult Graduation Certificate)
  • The high school diploma in Ontario, is called Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • In Quebec, the D.E.S (French: diplôme des études secondaires) is issued. This was previously known as Quebec Certification of Education or is also known as Quebec HS Secondary Certificate and Quebecois baccalaureat.
  • In the USA, the High school diploma is awarded upon completion of education from Kindergarten to the 12th grade. In the
  • Different jurisdictions dictate different nomenclature but a high school degree is a diploma or its called a degree.

Pakistan Education Facts: half of the adolescents not enrolled are females. The female population in the rural areas is considered to be inferior to the males, hence their fair share is usually ignored and bypassed. The distribution of wealth, obliges females constitute half part of the whole, while males constitute 1 whole part; the distribution is often misused and females are not awarded anything from the property.

Even if they do get a part of the property, they are not married, lest the opponents take over the land she inherited. That’s rural Pakistan, where daughters are not married off for petty reasons.

How to become a high school teacher?

The steps to become a high school teacher is quite easy;

  • Become a graduate, post-graduate in Education; Child Psychology, Bachelors in Primary Education or if you get certified in child psychology, the path to becoming a teacher will be easier
  • Start with academies – invest 1-2 years teaching children in the evening. Once you have gone through the process and a number of students have cleared your subjects, you would have gained considerable name, credibility in the market. This will create a strong case for you to be considered
  • Start your own tuition center or join one. That’s the most easiest vocation to take up. This not only gives you a chance but also helps you to understand how to tackle and help students understand.
  • Keep an eye on the local ads where Government jobs for primary and high school teachers are normally published just before the start of the season. That is a good time to apply. Keep your documents, certifications, IDs handy with multiple copies made.

USAid has contributed significantly for the education in Pakistan. It has helped repair 1,000 schools and has trained thousands of teachers – creating a regional-wide impact through quality education.

How to survive high school

Its easy.

  • Find yourself the craft, skill, subject that you like the most
  • Then, find the people, students, teachers who like the subject and talk of that subject or craft
  • Make a group of such like-minded people
  • Find ways to indulge in activities that make you happier – sports can be one, volunteering, debating, writing, engineering, swimming, running, horse-riding, skateboarding, painting, arts, digital designing, whatever suits you
  • Start building a community. Take notes. Talk and discuss. Arrange discussions.
  • Make your own portfolio while you continue your studies.
  • Make your profile known in 6 months, not earlier than that.
  • Showcase your craft at exhibitions, symposiums, events, conferences – in that way you’ll start getting noticed. Studies will soon feel lighter.
  • Make projects for local community of your craft. Arrange events – that will be a crowd-puller.

Lahore Grammar School | Harassment Scandal | Lahore

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