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Call Recorder ACR PRO Unchained - Reviews, Features


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What is Call Recorder ACR – Unchained

Call Recorder ACR Unchained lets you record a telephone call from an android device. You can record and store all your conversation, whether you called or you received a telephone call, Call Recorder stores all the conversations for later use. 

There are many situations to use Call Recoder ACR for, which we’ll discuss in detail. 

Today we’ll cover Call Recorder ACR unchained in depth, for its use, features and you can also download Call Recorder ACR from this page. 


In today’s very happening world, where you are required to be on the front, ahead of the pack, communication has to be top-notch and supreme. Good communication is one thing, where telecom companies are abundantly splashing new packages. 

But maintaining complete and quality communication is where you can take the lead. For instance, you’re in the import, export or logistics business. As an exporter or re-exporter you have to be in touch with suppliers, buyers, courier companies. 

There are times which require you to be precise in dealing – when it comes to settlements, negotiations, when dealing with money and receipts, payments. Not all suppliers and customers, vendors are trustworthy and transparent. There are numerous examples where business people were duped just because the communication was not taken seriously. 

So when dealing with sensitive information, its important to have proper, clear documentation and communication. So if your documentation, communication and understanding is right, your negotiation will be stronger than others. You will be seen as informed. That brings in you the confidence and shakes the other party in its position. 

In such cases, having all records is the best way to go. Keep documentation on the cloud storage, keep call records recorded and stored away for future cases. 

Even in litigation and disputes, these records will be handy. Call Recorder ACR PRO unchained is your android phone’s best buddy to record sensitive communication for business, personal relationships, legal matters, media, interviews, Peer-2-Peer communication, reunions, one-to-many address, webinars or podcasts. 

Situations to use CALL RECORDER ACR PRO

Call Recorder ACR PRO unchained is your all-situation call recording app which doesn’t weigh too heavy on your phone. 

So there are many situations where Call Recorder ACR PRO will come in handy and you’ll never regret but you would sometimes cherish. You will love to have recorded the voices that uplift you and keep you there in hard times. Voices of your grandparents, friends, spouses and people who have left. That is the trance, you will never want to miss ever. 

So what could be the situations where you want to record phone conversations with Call Recorder ACR PRO

  • In personal life you want to capture voices of your near and dear ones – like of the newborn baby, or of your talkative baby who has just started walking and wants to explain it to you over the phone. The best moments can be captured by Call Recorder ACR PRO
  • Moments of Heroism – when you’ve achieved your goal, or passed that exam or heard that you’re free of the incurable disease and the doctor announced you fit or when the immigration consultant called that you just won your visa to Americas and Canada. Or imagine the moment, you cleared a complex interview which will take you to higher and lofty positions in the government or in enterprises. 
  • Or in moments where an accomplished person, a celebrity is on the phone with you and giving you precious words of wisdom and advice, you would want to capture the moment, the voice, the feeling in that voice and keep it forever and play it whenever you’re feeling down and want to come back to the stronger yourself. 
  • Situations like – heated arguments, negotiations, investigations are a must to be recorded and your Call Recorder ACR PRO will be the helpful tool in your android phone you’ll never regret. 
  • Moments and situations of rejoice and sorrow, happiness, victory, promotion, conquest, relief, accomplishment and acknowledgement, anger and remorse. All these situations matter. 
  • Business situations where negotiations can be tough, gritty, witty and sinister. Situations where winning or losing is as narrow as a thin hairline, where conversations and every word said is of utmost importance. Where you cannot ignore the intent and the content, that’s where Call Recorder ACR unchained will be uber useful for you.
  • Interviews are one big source of anxiety for candidates. Phone interviews are a big source of learning and building your confidence. Once a recruiter calls you, make sure you get the tips to be ready. Keep Call Recorder ACR unchained handy – once the interview starts, switch it on so that you will know why and what was being asked. This will give you clarity on the intent for the next interviews. Of course, no interview will be your last but for situations like these, its smart to have yourself equipped with such tools and apps. Tools like Call Recorder ACR unchained will build a stack of interviews which you can then later check for yourself and see where you made a mistake, so you don’t repeat in the next cycle. 

Also, once you’ve amassed a number of interviews, you can use those to create a podcast for yourself and cover the important areas. Now that’s one new business idea we’ve shared here. 

  • So there are many situations where you can handle confidently but Call Recoder ACR helps you to capture those special, critical moments so that you steer clear from dangerous and sensitive situations you can be in if you don’t carry evidence. 
  • What’s more – you can record pranks and upload it – change your voice and pull easy pranks on strangers, that’s another business idea you can float on Youtube, Shopify, Vimeo but you’ll need a strong script before you pull off a good one. 

When not to use a call recorder ACR unchained


That’s a funny situation – one thinks what could be the situations when NOT to record your voice conversation, so here are some – 

  • When getting bashed and shouted upon by your wife/spouse/mother – that is a situation you wouldn’t want to share and record for anyone. Don’t show your weaker side. 
  • When you’re in a tricky situation like in the restroom, or in the showers, or in the bus or in the waiting line – these are situations where you think your conversation can be compromised and uneasy. Leave such situations to pass. 
  • Don’t use Call Recorder ACR in moments of serious confrontation where you think you can go wrong. Wrong calls, words can be harsh, painful and sometimes are penalising in the long-term.
  • In airplanes during a flight, that’s when android and other devices can wreck the communication networks and disrupt the signals of the airplane. That’s a complete NO-NO.
  • In a library where talking is prohibited and silence is golden. You must not use your phone. That’s where Call Recorder ACR PRO is a no-no
  • While in a protest, or a mass gathering – Call Recorder ACR PRO unchained might not be a good option to use. 

Funny situations to use a call recorder ACR Unchained

Life is so unpredictable, when you’re not expecting anything, things happen, circumstances put you or others in a tricky situation where you would laugh at its memories when you recall. 

For situations which lighten up the moments in life, Call Recorder ACR Unchained app can be of great help. Situations like – 

  • Friends calling on the network and having fun 
  • When playing a game like PUBG
  • Calling a prank on a friend or a stranger
  • When proposing in the most stupidest way
  • When apologizing over such pranks
  • When calling a wrong number, which can be serendipitous and lucky
  • When calling a media or a radio network for an interview to win a lucky prize
  • When you’re flirting over the phone
  • When your interview goes wrong
  • When calling a helpline service and it turns out to be casual and candid

How to use Call Recorder ACR Unchained at Work

Workplaces are different and have different styles of ecosystem where you have to exist, excel and perform. Some workplaces can be good enough, giving you freedom but most are stuck in bureaucratic levels, becoming roadblocks for your career and work.


Call Recorder ACR unchained can be good at and for your workplace, here’s how:

  • Always record your conversation with your manager, boss 
  • Record your conversation with your colleagues – important, mundane details can be useful at times. Controversial debates and statements can sabotage your career, if presented before the right stakeholders, it might save your career
  • Talk with vendors can be ultra useful – if any vendor has a vendetta against you, you will have sufficient evidence to prove yourself innocent
  • Customers’ calls are important, which are recorded but to treat them well, you should know them, Call Recorder ACR PRO can be helpful in this case. Know them well, treat them well, close them well.
  • Workplace harrassment is common around – recorded conversations will help you contain this unavoidable situations
  • But workplace romantic conversations should NOT be recorded or your spouse might file a case against you. 

How to Use Call Recorder ACR Unchained at Home

There are many reasons to have Call Recorder ACR unchained to record your home and personal conversations, here’s why – 

  • If your spouse is involved in an illicit relationship, you will know before others do 
  • Your children need your attention. When they grow up, they interact with the outside world. Who they meet and talk with over the phone, should be known to you
  • Your housemaids are a great source to getting your house raided and robbed. Call recording in her phone will be a good point to start with, for investigations
  • Your personal heartfelt conversations are things to cherish. Your spouses’ indecent naughty remarks are enough to play back and get horny
  • Conversations with the relatives can be a headache, proper records will help you stay clean out of political rut. The family politics. 

How to use Call Recorder ACR Unchained for media persons

Media is a happening place. If you’re a journalist or looking to interview celebrities of the internet, social media, or of the mainstream media – you better be equipped with Call Recorder ACR, you never know what that one mundane statement would mean for the mainstream media.

  • Record a telephonic interview using Call Recorder ACR PRO and you would have loads of content to cover on social media. No need to take notes there and then. But make sure your script, and questions are quite strong to make the conversation attractive

Versions Compatible with Call Recorder ACR Unchained

  • Call Recorder ACR Unchained is compatible with all Android.
  • It has many features like, 
    • Recordings listing by phone numbers
    • Search feature by phone numbers, names and notes taken
    • Easy retrieval for deleted recordings in the Recycle bin
    • Auto delete mode for older recordings
    • Mark as important is a feature for recordings NOT to be deleted
    • Multi-selection option for delete, share and select
    • Manual recording (availabke with paid versions)
    • Password protection for recordings feature
    • Multi-formatted recording – MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, AMR, 3GP, FLAC, MP4
    • Start delayed recording feature
    • Multi mode recording
    • English only free transcription
    • Part recording sharing feature
    • Wi-Fi connectability for data backup
    • Transfer feature between devices
    • Cloud uploading feature, compatible with Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, WebDAV, FTP, WebHooks

Note – Call Recorder ACR Unchained might not work simultaneously with other call recorders

Note – Some phones might have an issue with recording, due to different versions of operating systems and chipset technologies. Call recording function might vary from mobile to mobile models

Legal Disclaimer: you will have to check local jurisdiction implemented for call recording in your country.

NOTE – Call Recorder ACR PRO Unchained doesn’t work with iPhones yet. iPhone doesn’t allow call recording on its devices.

Call Recorder ACR PRO Unchained - Video Walk-Through

NOTE – CALL RECORDER ACR APK is FREE to Download – the latest version of Call Recorder License – ACR PRO APK FREE Download is available on INFOTAINMENTBOX.COM


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