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Day 2/30: Freelance Graphic Design Tutorial


Day 2/30 – Freelance Graphic Design Tutorial | LEVEL:EASY

Photoshop Freelance Graphic Design Tutorial: Day 2
Photoshop Freelance Graphic Design Tutorial: Day 2

Here is Day-2 of the Graphic Design Portfolio tutorial series. If you want to pursue the freelance graphic design as a career – follow this 30-day hands-on exercise which will make you capable enough to pursue a long-lasting and fulfilling career.

Our plan at is to continue this trend – covering the basics to the advanced level. Extreme levels will take us all where you will be thinking critically and creatively.

If you missed the Day-1 Freelance Graphic Design Tutorial – worry not – Here’s the link –

Day 2/30 - Freelance Graphic Design Tutorial | [LEVEL:EASY]

Day-2/30 Freelance Graphic Design Tutorial in Photoshop | | HOW To Graphic Design

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Day 2 of 30-Day Graphic Design Training – Tutorial

Credit: instagram/bhailogdigital

Helping you create your own Graphic Design portfolio and freelance business as a designer.


  1. Select an Iphone – position it in the layer
  2. Select an airplane engine
  3. Make airplane layer visible
  4. GOTO Select —- Color Range —- with the Eye-Dropper Tool — select the screen of the Iphone
  5. GOTO: Quick Selection Tool: Select the White screen of the Iphone
  6. CTRL + Click layer of the Iphone (while the white screen was selected) : it will show an outline of the screen selected
  7. GOTO : Airplane Layer : Make it Visible: HIT CTRL+J —— it will duplicate the layer of the airplane using the outline selected of the Iphone —- this will cut the airplane layer
  8. Make the New Layer (as a result of Step 7) invisible
  9. Reduce Opacity of Airplane to 38%
  10. GOTO: Pen Tool (P): Start dotting the engine to show the extended engine coming out of the Iphone screen
  11. Once dotted pen tool marking is done, the loop is made, RIGHT-CLICK — Make Selection
  12. Make Selection (Step 11): The outline is selected —- GOTO Layers Panel and select Layer MASK (the rectangle with an O)
  13. Add text flavor and your Photoshop graphic design is ready.
  14. ENJOY..!!

Day 2 of the Graphic Design: makes you a little bit more smarter.

If you missed the past tutorials: Day 1: Freelance Graphic Design Tutorial:

How to Freelance Graphic Design

  1. Upgrade your skill first. If you jump with half-baked skills, clients will lose trust from day-1
  2. Follow Youtube, instagram,, – examine the design trends
  3. Di-sect the design one by one
  4. Improve on the elements
  5. Once you improve the elements – compile the new design. REMEMBER – there is nothing wrong or right in freelance graphic design – either its a WOW design or just a NOT NOW design. It takes time to reach the WOW level.
  6. Embrace yourself, commit to yourself 6-months.
  7. Practice 1-new feature in designing daily
  8. Credit the design experts
  9. Make your personal channels on Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook
  10. Share your designs – get critique. More the critical is critique, it means you’re in good hands and you’re on the right direction
  11. Last but not the least, have passion. Never let the passion die in the face of critique. Never ever lose hope on getting negative reviews.
  12. Every champion started as a novice – REMEMBER this.

How much to charge for freelance graphic design

If you’ve read the previous FAQ; let’s assume you’re done with 1+ daily exercise for 6 months – by this time, you will have started noticing design anomalies here and there, even in the supermarkets, on the labels

  • Amateur Freelance Graphic Designers’ charges can vary – they can charge $5 to $250 for a logo
  • PRO Freelance Graphic Designers usually start from $800 and above for a logo
  • Middle-tier Freelance Graphic Designers can charge $300 for a brochure and a flyer
  • Expert freelance graphic designers can land $1200 for a web-design (website design)

How to start a freelance graphic design business

  • Rule #1: Freelance Graphic Design Business is not easy.
  • Rule #2: Having your own freelance design agency requires tonnes of work and a heavy portfolio – it gets developed in 8 months to a year and a half
  • Rule #3: Platforms like, Upwork,, are best places to start with
  • Rule #4: You should have at least 4 happy clients before you go solo
  • Rule #5: Have a team handy – which is trained and matches your frequency – once you get an order as an agency, a novice trainee under you might bring a bad name – Avoid this. Once an agency goes RAW, there’s no turning back. You will have to start all over again.
  • Rule #6: Your portfolio MUST stand out. The freelance marketplace is now crowded, nearing saturation. But you should aim for the 3% club.

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