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Graphic Design is my passion / Learn Graphic Design Fast: Tutorial 3/30 – Busy Exposure Photoshop Tutorial in just 20 Steps

Learn Graphic Design Fast: Day 3/30 - Photoshop Tutorial Series: Busy Exposure

Learn Graphic Design Fast: Photoshop Tutorial Series: Day 3/30 - Busy Exposure with Video Rendering

This is the 3rd installment of the Learn Graphic Design Fast – which enables you to become a designer in just 30 days. Being a designer is a process, a creative shakeup of your skills and of your thought process. Creativity is more fluid if you know how to use the tools. When you’re smooth enough, your creativity will engage you, even when you’re not working to craft better designs on your own in your spare time. ENJOY

In this tutorial series you will learn how to blend a picture and render a video – which can be used as spectacular banner or instagram video

Learn Graphic Design fast by following this tutorial along with 30-day series which is aimed at making you a fine graphic designer.

After mastering the design tutorials, you will have built your own graphic design portfolio which will help you get business, clients and deals.

Consider this as Graphic Design Tutorials for beginners for free – where you get notes; which are detailed notes to help you go through the steps of these tutorials

The main purpose here is to help you learn graphic design fast.


1. quick selection tool
2. invert the picture if its colored
3. Select and mask / Refine Edge (with older version of Photoshop)
3.1 check smart radius
3.2 increase the radius (select and mask panel)
4 apply layer mask
5 alt + click the mask layer
6 Burn Tool
6.1 Range: Shadows, Exposure:45%
6.3 brush around the extra unwanted brush strokes not needed
7 Now for the brighter areas
7.1 Dodge Tool — Range: highlights, Exposure:52%
8 Back to picture — Alt + click the pic
9 New File >> 1920/1080, 300
9.1 Adjustment >> solid color
9.2 grey color with little light blue shade
10 Drag a video to the workspace
11 ALT + click the mask and drag it to the video layer
11.1 Click the binding chain symbol between the video and mask to unlock it to unlink it
11.2 CTRL+T the video – make it bigger
12 Make a copy of the Model (pic) layer
12.1 put it on top
12.2 blend mode: lighten
13 remove the parts of the pic (from the mask selected of the copied layer) — use brush, black foreground color
13.1 Opacity of brush: 25%
NOTE: Black hides, white reveals
NOTE: now eye of the model to be visible >> go back to video file >> select layer mask >> delete with black color
14 go back to top layer >> delete more with black >>
15 back to video file mask >> reveal with black
16 video layer >> ALT + CLICK the layer >> drag beneath the model layer >> delete the layer mask
16.1 same video duplicated layer >> image >> adjustments >> black and white >> filter >> blur >> Gaussian blur >> 9.0 blur >> blend mode: soft light >> opacity: 50%
17 make the color of the background >> darker or lighter >>
18 select top layer >> adjustment layer >> Level adjustments >> RGB: Red: adjust the sliders right and left towards the center a little bit
18.1 RGB: blue >>
Part ANIMATE – Photoshop Tutorial – Busy Exposure
Open timeline
WINDOW >> Timeline
Double click the smart object (video)
adjust the timer of the video, crop it, adjust it
ungroup the video layer
Add Fade to make the loop look infinite (follow the video)
19. File >> Export >> Render to Video


SUM UP OF THE TUTORIAL: How to Design Busy Exposure - Level Easy

  • The main theme of this tutorial is the layer mask with some adjustment layers like levels and solid color.
  • The other main thing is the video layering – the top video layer has a mask – where you can reveal and adjust what to show from the video
  • The layer of the (male model) has a layer mask – where you adjust what part of the face is to be revealed and which not.
  • This gives the mix of the both layers with an artistic touch
  • Photoshop gives you the liberty to adjust, modify the videos – the fade effect was given in the tutorial to give is the looping effect without the break getting noticed.
  • The main tools we used here were – Burn, Dodge tools, the brush effect around layer masks, then some of adjustment tools like levels, hue/saturation with RGB scale modification.

That pretty much sums up the tutorial here.

This is a 30-Day Photoshop Tutorial series to help you learn graphic design fast enough. Master the tools which are hidden from plain view. But after the 30-Day exercise, you will love doing designing.

Follow the photoshop tutorial series to learn designing fast and start earning from the 2nd month. Adios.


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