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Culture Heritage of Pakistan

Pakistan’s Handicrafts: Immensely Beautiful and eye-catching

Talking about handicrafts is like praising one human hand’s efforts, skills and most importantly an expression of love. We can say that Handicrafts are not just products made by hand or using simple tools, in reality handicrafts are depiction of culture and norms; preservation of traditions and skills . Being diverse in culture and human talent, Pakistan is home to a number of extraordinary handicrafts . Hence it is making its mark in international markets.

Below is a short list of Pakistan’s eye-catching handicrafts:

1-Blue pottery:

Roots of blue pottery craft connects to Persian, Iraqi and Chinese artists, who introduced this art centuries ago. City of saints Multan is well known for this craft. Another name for this immensely beautiful craft is “Kaashi Gari”. In this art, skilled artist paint blue ceramic designs over hand made mud pots of different shapes. With time, this art form has evolved a lot . Kaashi Gari is mainly known for Lusterware, animal motifs, calligraphy, floral patterns, among other things.

2-Earthen Pot/Matka:

Matka used to be a part of every household in ancient times. Still many people prefer to use it for cold water storage specifically in rural areas. Earthen pots are basically made with mud clay having small holes so that air can pass through easily. Matkas are available in different designs and colours all over Pakistan at reasonable rates.


Ajrak is a speciality of Sindh. Ajrak is basically a shawl made by using block printing method. Ajrak makers use “stamps” to create beautiful block patterns. The process of making this jewel-like appearance takes a lot of time, skills and patience. Ajrak can be found in combination of different splashy colors like red, black, blue etc.


Handmade traditional patchwork quilts, carpets and bedspreads are called “Rilli” or “Ralli”. This astonishing textile craft is made particularly in remote villages of Sindh and Baluchistan. Rilli is among the finest folk-art coverlets in Pakistan. Magnetizing textures of Rilli is admired by the people all around the world. It is also exchanged as a traditional gift.

5-Sindhi Topi:

“Sindhi Topi” or “Sindhi Cap” is predominantly came from Sindhi culture and then adopted by Saraiki, Pashtuns and Balochi people too. Sindhi topi is formed in a cylindrical shape and decorated with embroidery work. Small pieces of mirror are also sewed in it. Combination of Sindhi topi and ajrak has become an essential part of Sindhi culture and a sign of Sindhi nationalism.

6-Peshawri Chappal:As evident by its name Peshawri chappal originated from Pakistan’s city Peshawar. This traditionally made chappal with pure leather and it’s sole with truck tyre, makes it very comfortable to use, while giving a very stylish look. Men usually prefer to wear it with shalwar kameez. Peshawri chappal is made in various colour combinations and designs. Other variations include thread work , giving this chappal unique and elegant look. Now women has also started wearing this chappal. You can wear it with jeans too. This product is getting fame in local and international markets day by day.

7-Camel Lamps:

As the name suggests, these lamps are made of camel skin. This handmade artwork has been practiced in Multan since long. Skilled artisans decorate them with intricate hand work called “Naqashi”, after completing the process of cleaning camel skin and getting desired shape. These extraordinary camel lamps are commonly used for decorative Designs. Shapes, colours and pattern drawn on these lamps are a depiction of Multani culture.

8-Brass items:


Making beautiful and antique design products with metal is a unique art. Pakistan is well known for this art specially the crafts using brass. Brass items are available in wider range, being used as household products and decorative items.


Khussa is a famous traditional footwear of Pakistan. This colourful pair of shoes is prepared with soft leather. Leather is then stitched by hand and decorated with colourful beads, embroidery, tilla work and much more. Khussa is a versatile footwear that you can wear elegantly with western or eastern outfit.

10-Hand-held Fans:

These fans are of great use in summer season. Wide variety of these fans are available in Pakistan:. from simple half circle or square shape fans to embroidery work fans. its base is usually prepared with branches and leaves of date-tree which then is decorated using silk fabric, laces etc. Owing to its beautiful appearance, these fans can also be used as a decoration piece.








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