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Culture Heritage of Pakistan

Top 10 Marvelous facts about Pakistan

Being a fifth most populous country and 33rd largest country in world, Pakistan is shining almost in every aspect. Whether it’s about religion , language , history , culture , charming sights , natural resources , generous people ,  marvellous achievements and many, many more .

Let’s have a look on 10 exceptional facts about Pakistan to fall in love with this country.

1. One of the oldest and second largest “khewra salt mine”:

Famous for its production of pink khewra salt, this world’s oldest and largest mine is located in khewra, Punjab Pakistan. It was discovered by the troops of Alexander -III of Macedon “The Great” in 320 BC.  Estimation of total reserves of salt, in a form of an irregular dome, are from 82 million tons to 600 million tons. Inside the mine, you can observe alternate bands of red and white colour salt, crystal shape salt and numerous pool of salty water. In total, there are seven thick salt seams and 18 working levels, producing more than 350,000 tons of salt per annum. This major tourist attraction has different artistic cravings made with multi coloured salt bricks, like model of Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, and Great Wall of China etc. Miraculous khewra salt mine is also known as “Mayo Salt Mine”.

2.Manufacturer of almost half of the world’s football.

Sialkot is famous for manufacturing of almost 50% of world’s football.  Interestingly, Sialkot city is third richest city and also one of the most important industrial cities of Pakistan.  This city is well known around the world, for its tremendously good sport industry.  Earlier, Local factories used to manufacture hand stitched footballs but with the passage of time they switched to thermo-bonded balls method. Made in Pakistan footballs became a part of   2018 FIFA World cup in Russia.

3. World’s second highest mountain “k2”:

After Mount Everest, K2 is second highest mountain in world. It is 8,611 metres above from sea level, located in the Karakorum Range along the Chinese-Pakistani border. K2 is also known as “Savage Mountain” because it is harder to climb, having second highest fatality rate among other mountains.  In 31st July, 1954, two climbers Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli successfully reached the top of K2.

4.World’s largest deep sea port “Gwadar”:

Gwadar sea port is world’s largest sea port, located on the shore of Arabian Sea in the province of Baluchistan Pakistan. It has 120 numbers of berth and a seaport depth of 17.1M to the 18.2M. In late 2015, Pakistan collaborated with China in order to make it a fully commercial port. On 14 November 2015, it became formally operational.

5.World largest volunteer ambulance service:

Eidhi foundation is a largest welfare organization of Pakistan since 1951. This organization was founded by the great person Abdul Satar Eidhi . They have a fleet of more than 1800 ambulances, serving humanity in different cities of Pakistan. In 1977, it was listed in Guinness world records as “largest volunteer ambulance organization”.

6. First Islamic country to become a nuclear power:

In May 1988, a number of nuclear tests were conducted by Pakistan. Hence, Pakistan became first Islamic country to possess nuclear capabilities. At first, Six successful uranium bases atomic blast was experiment by Pakistan and then plutonium based bombs were dropped at Chagai test site, Baluchistan.

7. World largest earth filled dam “Tarbela Dam” :

Out of the most fascinating dams in the whole world, Tarbela Dam is largest earth filled dam. It is located in Tarbela, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. At first, this dam was constructed to control flooding from Indus River and then with the passage of time hydropower facilities were also added there to keep up with the increasing electricity demand. Its construction was completed in year 1976.

8.World’s youngest Microsoft expert “Arfa Karim”:

 In 2004, Arfa Karim hit the headlines by achieving this great title of “the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional “. Arfa Karim won this title at the age of 9. She also got an opportunity to visit headquarters of Microsoft office in US and to meet with bill gates. She sadly died at the age of 16. This young talent was also awarded with Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal and also with Pride of Performance award.

9.Top national anthem tune of the world:

Pakistan’s national anthem tune, written by Hafeez Jalandheri, has such an amazing spark and charm in it. Its mesmerizing and motivational poetry makes Pakistan’s nation anthem as world’s number one ranked tune. It was composed by musician Ahmad G Chagla.

10.“Karakoram”, one of the highest paved roads in the world:

Karakoram highway considered to be one of the highest paved roads in the world. This road to paradise construction started in 1966 and took 13 years to complete. It is also called as “8th wonder of the world “, due to its unique features and popularity.


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